The A.N.A. Program is a complete program for A.N. A., martial arts, fitness and nutritional systems and is a professional way to reach appropriate targets.

A.N.A Programs:

In our programs we try to mix martial arts with fitness and nutrition to achieve our goal We take into consideration each individual’s personal goals; health, fitness, image, weights and it’s effect on them for a better life style.

  • Personal program: one on one personal training, self-training programs and target training.

  • Group training: A Fitness & Martial Arts mixture of group cycling, training, jogging and running.

  • DVD's & videos linked programs: specialist video programs, cyber conferences, email training and post training.

  • Activities program: open day public and private competitions, customized activities, events and seasonal activities.

  • Courses:
    A) Martial art courses
    B) Intensive self defense courses (ladies)
    C) Teaching ladies simple martial arts
    D) Techniques to be used self defense


1- DVDs & Video instructional


Visual instructions via DVDs

or Videos.

2- Open day programs

Interactive presentations for

certain A.N.A classes

3- Achieve a New Look

Reach your target look

by creating different

types of toning and body

improvement through a

tailor made A.N.A program


4- Training instructions programs

Indirect instructions and

system program documents

for individual’s use

5- Personal training programs

Customized training sessions

based on A.N.A system

elements to achieve specific

targeta for each individual‘s


6- Group Training programs

12 Group-training sessions

based on A.N.A system

elements to achieve specific

target for a certain group of